“Ingrid is everything we publishers are always a-hunting – a talented and hardworking writer, who also happens to be a delight to spend time with.”

Hilary Rogers

Director, Interrobang

Songbird Cover.jpg

“A beautiful story of hope, heartache and love.”

Zana Fraillon

“I loved the story of Jamila and the resilience and bravery of her family.”

Sally Rippin

“Seriously - I can’t remember when she (10 year old daughter - Leo) last enjoyed a novel. She’s the toughest critic ever. Normally after three pages she announces ‘bored!!’ and piffs the book in the corner. To have captivated her, you’ve done something really special. Thank you.”

Sonia Orchard, mother of 10 year old Leo

“Songbird…is one of the finest books I’ve ever read. The ending melted my heart and Jamila is so awesome.”

Iona Thomas-Lawrance, 11 years old

Welcome to my website, where you can learn a bit more about me, my books, and get in touch for speaking or school events.

My first novel for children, Songbird, is came out in May, 2019 with Text Publishing. I am currently writing the companion novel.

I have had the privilege of building relationships with many Iraqi and Syrian refugee children over recent years, and their resilience has inspired Songbird. My students have been warm and hopeful and full of fight, despite unimaginable challenges.

Jamila, the story’s main character, embodies many of their qualities and some of their stories.

Songbird is a tender story about belonging, about the importance of friendship and asking for help, and about the parts of our lives we keep concealed.

Ingrid was a captivating speaker who challenged our 10-12 year olds to imagine moving to another country. She involved the students in the presentation, keeping the engagement level high. She was generous with her advice for our aspiring writers. Very inspiring! 

Melissa Klein, Teacher, Eltham College


The students were always engaged and many questions were asked. Ingrid shared her experiences as an author and the challenges she has faced in completing published pieces. She shared pieces from her book Songbird, and spoke to the students about the meaning behind why she chose to write in this way.  

Brogan Justice, Teacher, Bell Primary School